About Us

Leith Petwerks has been making the good stuff since 1997, when we crafted a unique home for our very own first house rabbit named Dinkum. 

Located in Turner, OR, we have a warehouse and wood shop where we take in raw materials and manufacture Bunny Abodes. other enhancements, toys and boutique items for you and your bunny's pleasure. 

Being a small family owned business, we haven't lasted for almost 30 years without being creative and environmentally conscious. We employ environmentally-aware decisions (Scot has a degree from Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental affairs, he's an OG tree hugging hippy). The leftovers of our manufacturing processes often find themselves with a new life through a creative application (ours or someone else's). 

Over time, we've had a lot of our own bunnies. We've rescued and fostered others -- and had a few foster failures that stayed with us. We've handled special needs bunnies, and as volunteers with HRS who formed trusting relationships with surrounding animal agencies participated in a few large scale rescues. We've done the hard work, we've helped others find solutions, and we know bunnies! 

Back in the days of print...

Check out this PDF of a trifold we published back in 2012! Designed by Amy, we had a blast making this.

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