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6005 EZ Crock Mega (48 ounce!)

6005 EZ Crock Mega (48 ounce!)

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WOW...finally a HUGE, durable, attractive, easily cleaned bowl that attaches to the bunny's home. No more bunny throwing the bowl down the ramp.

It is a very sizable 48 ounces. The Mega bowl measures a whopping 8 inches wide by 5 inches front to back, by 2 3/4 inches deep. It should easily hold enough water for a weekend. Any bigger and it could be a bunny bed (well, maybe not)!

These bowls would also work really well as a catch basin beneath any water bottle to catch any water the bunny misses, rather than spilling it all over the bunny home. It even works great on an x-pen!

I love these so much that I am switching all of our bunnies bowls over to these. Holds plenty of bunny salads or water or...if you were to ask the bunnies...they would be for all their bunny Yummies!

Each batch is a little different in color and they are a pleasing stone/light gray. 

Made in the USA!

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