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2200 First Floor Front Door Ramp

2200 First Floor Front Door Ramp

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You asked for it, so we made it! This ramp is a simple piece of medium density fiberboard (MDF) with a lip at one end, covered in carpeting for traction. It hangs over the lip of the door and provides a stylish way to get to the floor. The new (not pictured) version has rumble strips for traction and so we no longer have to use glue to keep the carpet on the ramp, making it even easier to replace than ever before!

This is obviously for use with the first floor door only. Can be removed and stored on top, or under the condo.

We don't use glue with our ramps, so you can easily replace the carpet if it is ever needed. It is held in place by the wooden 'rumble strips' that we use to add traction for your bunny as well as holding the carpet securely in place...yet removable!

Size: 15 x 20". Works on either 36 inch or 48 inch Bunny Abodes.

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