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3040 Party Deck Carpet - 8" Deck

3040 Party Deck Carpet - 8" Deck

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Did your bunny shred and tear up the carpeting that came with your beautiful Party Deck? They do have a tendency to do that...because it is just so much FUN!

As with ANY items that your bunny plays with, you should supervise and IF it appears they are trying to ingest any of the material, it should be removed. Normally, they just like to play with it and maybe use it to build a little nest.

This item fits the 36" Bunny Abode PARTY DECK only. If you have the 48" Bunny Abode Party will need a different carpet, this one is too small. 

This carpet is approximately 8 inch by 22 inch. It is NOT for the floor of the Bunny Abode it is for the PARTY DECK only.

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